About Seabirds in the City

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The movement of species into cities has become a globally important issue. At a time of climate change and rapid seabird decline, Seabirds in the City explores the growing phenomenon of urban kittiwakes.

In cities across the United Kingdom and Norway, this sea-faring species of gull has gained notoriety for swapping the cliff-ledges of the coast for the artificial structures of the city.

Based on published research, and a unique collaboration between social scientists and marine biologists, the documentary examines what these birds can tell us about environmental change, the health of the world’s oceans, and the future of cities.

Featuring a range of interviews with marine scientists, boat skippers, urban planners, and the various people and organisations who live and work alongside these seabirds in the city, the documentary aims to develop better understanding of seabirds and seabird decline; why species are moving into cities; and how urban areas are working to support co-existence.

Adult kittiwake and chick Tyne Bridge Newcastle upon Tyne