Seabirds in the City

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About Seabirds in the City

The movement of species into cities has become a globally important issue. At a time of climate change and rapid seabird decline, Seabirds in the City explores the growing phenomenon of urban kittiwakes.

The Kittiwake

Black-legged kittiwakes are small white and grey gulls with black wing tips, a yellow bill and red eye rings. Their short legs are well adapted for nesting on narrow cliff ledges where their loud and distinctive “Kittiwaaaaak” call is unmistakable.

The Team

Meet the people in the team and the supporting organisations producing the Seabirds in the City documentary...


Documentary filming will take place in the United Kingdom and Norway, both of which support globally important seabird populations...

Behind the Scenes

Our latest 'Behind the Scenes' photographs, video and commentary during the filming and production of the Seabirds in the City documentary...

Interviewing Tim Burkinshaw, Scarborough Borough Council ecologist.

Scarborough Kittiwakes

Last week, the production team visited the North Yorkshire seaside town of Scarborough. The kittiwakes nesting on and around the Spa Bridge and G

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Seabirds in the CIty Scarborough Kittiwakes

We’re Filming in Scarborough!

From May 23rd, the Seabirds in the City team are heading to the North Yorkshire resort town of Scarborough. We'll be filming the urban popul

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Filming the DFDS Amsterdam Ferry entering the mouth of the River Tyne

Tynemouth Pier

A beautiful breezy and sunny Wednesday morning was spent filming on Tynemouth Pier as the DFDS ferry entered the mouth of the River Tyne

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