Seabirds in the City

Welcome to the Seabirds in the City website! Here you can find information about the documentary, contact us and take a look behind the scenes too...

About Seabirds in the City

The movement of species into cities has become a globally important issue. At a time of climate change and rapid seabird decline, Seabirds in the City explores the growing phenomenon of urban kittiwakes.

The Trailer

Our documentary trailer is online! Using the footage we have taken so far, we've produced this three minute introduction to the Seabirds in the City project.

The Kittiwake

Black-legged kittiwakes are small white and grey gulls with black wing tips, a yellow bill and red eye rings. Their short legs are well adapted for nesting on narrow cliff ledges where their loud and distinctive “Kittiwaaaaak” call is unmistakable.

The Team

Meet the people in the team and the supporting organisations producing the Seabirds in the City documentary...


Documentary filming will take place in the United Kingdom and Norway, both of which support globally important seabird populations...

Behind the Scenes

Our latest 'Behind the Scenes' photographs, video and commentary during the filming and production of the Seabirds in the City documentary...

Making the Documentary – Event at Great North Museum: Hancock

Join us on the evening of Friday 26th November at the Great North Museum: Hancock in Newcastle upon Tyne for an opportunity to hear about the mak

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Filming at BALTIC

An obvious location in Newcastle upon Tyne and Gateshead to do some filming! Kaleel filming the BALTIC kittiwake colony We spent a couple

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Filming at Seahouses with Andrew Douglas of Serenity Farne Islands Tours

We don't think any seabirds filming in the north east of England would be complete without a visit to the Northumberland village of Seahouses!

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